Our duty as a manufacturer is to provide facilities so that each child, irrespective of his level of aptitude has the opportunity to fulfil his potential in full.
We have therefore chosen to replace the term in common use, “games for the disabled” to “games for all” to define games intended for all children, irrespective of their physical or mental capacity. Indeed, there are handicaps other than physical disability.
We need to understand the complexity of disabilities and the importance of not focusing on specific groups, such as persons in wheelchairs, when developing open access games.

Therefore we try to make our creations, as far as possible, accessible to the greatest number of children and not just to one specific category. Encouraging children to come together in play in quality play environments must be our priority.
This is a difficult task, which we have to undertake in conjunction with playground managers and parents by sharing our experience to aid the development of every single child.