Synchronicity and corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility does not simply mean that we develop production processes intentionally biased towards the ethics of sustainable development by improving our production resources and by using materials, which have a low environmental footprint.

It also means opening our company towards its city by means of hosting trainees and visitors to our company, in particular school groups.

Corporate social responsibility involves focussing on the human factor, both as far as our members of staff are concerned and in all our activities and relationships with our partners.

The objective is to develop our cohesion based on a common, long-term vision.


Our creation and production philosophy gives us economic, civic and environmental momentum.
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Our in-house resources

Our processes have always been founded on management principles, which take account of the environment and of sustainable development.
We therefore have specific recycling points in our factory:

Recycling of our waste

  • Our wood is removed by the company, Guyot Environnement, which recovers, treats and recycles waste in Brittany.
  • Metals are recovered by the GDE Company, based in Lorient, which supplies the foundries.
  • Paints are collected and treated by the Chimirec Company, which specialises in Hazardous Industrial Waste (HIW).
  • “Everyday” waste is recovered, sorted and recycled by the GDE Company.

Eco-responsibility and our staff

  • At the administrative level, we are constantly vigilant about paper consumption; we do our printing centrally and as little as possible, printing on front and back of a sheet in draft mode.
  • We recycle computer consumables.
  • We reduce our energy costs.
  • CCH-HPL-2-Bannalec