Intentionally play-based:

Bikini & Bermuda guarantees spaces for play, which allow children to express themselves by becoming aware of their own bodies and their environment.

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Intentionally sports-based:

Sport&Co brings freedom to practise sports and provides meeting places, places for relaxation and sports opportunities for children, adolescents and adults.

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The play aspect

Play is a vital element in the development of the child. Through play, they shape their personalities through:

  • discovery
  • learning by trial and error
  • mastery of skills
  • challenge
  • encounters
  • checks
  • recognition
  • imitation
  • and imagination

We design equipment, which responds fully to these needs. Synchronicity, the creator and designer of children’s dreams is: “acknowledged as making an important contribution to play”.




Regulations, which define the safety requirements for play equipment and play grounds, impose constraints, which provide a manager with legal protection and above all, guarantee a safer environment for our children.

Manufacturer’s nameplate Standard EN1176 – 2008

Our mission is constantly to modify our range to meet the general requirements for open access sports equipment. This means providing equipment, which is suitable for the practice of one or more sports without the need for access to the facilities to be controlled or necessarily supervised.


Our equipment complies with the regulations in force and in particular with Articles L212-1 and L122-1 of the French Consumer Code and with Decrees No. 94-699 of 10th August 1994 and No.96-1136 of 18th December 1996, which implement these Articles.
European Standards:
Our frame of reference is based on European Standards: EN-1176-1 and following sections.
To ensure that our games continue to comply with the regulations, we provide a spare parts monitoring service and Synchronicity does everything in its power to simplify installation and maintenance in accordance with standard practice in the trade.
Choosing Synchronicity means choosing conformity and simplicity in the service of the safety of children.



Benefit from our many years of experience and our professionalism. Synchronicity specialises in the manufacture of high quality products, unique in their sector. Our designs and the choice of our materials are based on rigorous product specifications at each stage of manufacture.
Our qualified team is committed to producing quality products and we are here to respond to your requirements.
Thus, we guarantee optimal length of useful life and simple maintenance.

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