Load-bearing posts

ALUMINIUM – 20 year structural warranty

An extremely resistant material, aluminium can be endlessly recycled and its light weight means that energy is saved in its transport and handling. The surface is anodised to avoid the problems associated with cleaning and painting.

Technical details:

Aluminium, anodised finish with a profile of 90 x 90, 4 mm thickness, radius 5 mm – mechanically indestructible and ecological (low greenhouse gas emissions throughout its life cycle and 100% recyclable).

Choice of 2 colours: bronze or natural aluminiumalu

RECYCLED PLASTIC – 15 years’ structural warranty

The recycled plastic post is strong, resistant to malicious damage, does not rot, needs no maintenance and is easy to clean.


COMPACT LAMINATE HPL – 10 year UV protection warranty

Given its high calorific value, compact High Pressure Laminated board, certified PEFC, can be used for recycling with up to 100% energy recovery.
In addition, its density makes it rot-proof and prevents the development of moss, fungi and other pests, which gives it a very long lifetime.

Technical details:

Compact laminate, anti UV treated, 12 mm and 15 mm (depending on type of game). Made from 65% Kraft paper sheet, bonded by thermosetting melamine resin and compressed at high pressure.



POLYETHYLENE HIGH DENSITY PEHD – 5 year UV protection warranty

Thermoplastic polyethylene with high resistance to flexing, bending and traction. UV stabilised. Easy to recycle, dynamic colours, pleasant to the touch and there is no risk of splinters.

Technical details:

UV treated PEHD, 15 and 19 mm thickness (depending on type of game).




Technical details:

Compact laminate, anti-slip, 18 mm thickness. Made from 65% Kraft paper sheet, bonded by thermosetting melamine resin and compressed at high pressure.Boulonnerie



Reinforced polyester – 5 year warranty

Technical details:

Glass-reinforced plastic, 8 mm thickness, manufactured by Resin Transfert Molding, by the ecological vacuum injection moulding process.
The sliding surfaces are coated with 500 microns of isophthalic gel coat, to guarantee the best possible resistance to abrasion.


2 year warranty

Technical details:

6-strand Hercules rope, diameter 16 mm, with steel core sheath in polyester fibre to a breaking strength of 3.9 tonnes.

Metal parts

12 year warranty

Technical details:

Made in hot-dip galvanised steel, in accordance with NF A91-121 and A91-122 and colour applied by polyurethane powder coating by electrostatic deposition, 100 microns thickness (minimum holding 600 hours in salt spray).


Bolts, brackets


2 year warranty

Technical details:

Stainless steel. The Nylstop screw heads and nut are protected by spherical anti-vandalism caps made from high density polyethylene.

Laminated plywood

5 year warranty

Technical details:

Plywood, 21 mm thickness, composed of 15 ply 100% birch wood, machined by numerical control. 3 finishing coats and 2 layers of heavy metal polyurethane lacquer, free of heavy metals.