Wood infill


Attractive and sturdy. This metal/WOOD STADIUM blends effortlessly into a natural environment.


Frame STEEL 40 x 40 mm, hot-dip galvanised (cf. structure), thermo-lacquered (cf. structure), grey RAL 7001
Can also be used to enclose a lawn.

The metal frames are perforated to allow water to run off. No part of the structure is wood on wood. Harmonious design and colour scheme in green, grey and natural wood.


Planks in pine wood 35 x 90 mm, screwed into the steel frame, pressure-treated wood, class IV.

10 year warranty against rotting No part of the structure is wood on wood. No part of the fixing is wood on wood.


Boards placed horizontally on the lower parts.

Prevents water rising by capillary action.


Boards placed vertically on the upper parts

Discourages climbing (standard EN 15312 article 5-5-1). Your entire sports pitch is a harmonious blend of shapes and forms. Makes for ease of replacing boards from the side.


Dimensions of the infills: Length: 2,840 mm or 3m between posts (1)
1,340mm or 1.50m between posts (2) Height: 865 mm or 1m from hand rail
Weight: 42 kg
20 kg



Metal infill


Recommended for areas at risk from vandalism. This finish provides a STADIUM, constructed entirely in metal for maximum resistance to wear and tear and the most demanding weather conditions.

caillebotis en maille

Slatted net gratings 60 x130 mm, reinforced by vertical flat bar 2.5 x 25mm, welded by electric-fusion and horizontal wire Ø 5mm, the whole welded into a steel frame 40 x 40 mm
Can also be used to enclose a lawn.

Maximum sturdiness. Non-injuring surface. Total deflection of even small balls. Flat rectilinear deflection surface for balls with no effect on the game. Reduces noise levels. Harmonious design & colours.

protection surface
Surface protection hot dip galvanisation (thickness + /- 80 microns, tempered, on the outside and inside of the tubes. Heat-treated powder paint coating (thickness 60 to 80 microns), colour grey RAL 7001.

Maximum, sustainable protection against adverse weather conditions, normal wear and tear of galvanised steel being 1 to 3 microns per year. Double reinforced protection due to standard thermo-lacquering. Grey colour integrates perfectly and harmoniously into all landscapes..