The continuous smooth design combines sturdiness, attractive appearance and safety

  • No projecting surfaces
  • No stops
  • No risk of trapping fingers or limbs
  • Freedom of movement for players and spectators
  • No risk of fixings coming loose
  • End walls are an attractive, subtle half-moon shape
  • Rounded frame struts are less attractive for climbing on than a flat or square structure.

Steel structure Ø 60 mm thickness 2mm

Very sturdy. Rounded profile for safety for users and comfort for spectators. Pleasing shape. Rounded handrail for extra safety.


Square edges formed by tubular aluminium sleeves, with no welded edges

Solidity in all trials. Structure will not become misshapen. Attractive design. Unstable base to discourage climbing.

patte de fixation

Reinforced fixing clamps secure the frame. Steel frames positioned by mechanical clamping + 6 or 7 fixing points between frame and tubing

Very wide-spaced mechanical soldering system No risk of sliding along the post, in contrast to a system using clamps.
Angled clamps for the protection of the players, nothing protrudes into the field of play.

scellement béton

Concrete sealing (250kg/m3) to a depth of 35 cm locking the frame
with anti-rotation, anti-tear bar. Entirely tamper-resistant.

Protection de surface

Protected surface. Hot dip galvanising (thickness + /- 80 microns) tempered on the outside and inside of the tubes. Heat-treated powder paint coating (thickness 60 to 80 microns), colour green RAL 6005.

Maximum, sustainable protection against adverse weather conditions, normal wear and tear of galvanised steel being 1 to 3 microns per year. Double reinforced protection due to standard thermo-lacquering. Green colour integrates perfectly and harmoniously into all landscapes.

Fond de cage

Reinforced base of goal cage common to all versions. Reinforced by extra horizontal bar at mid height.

The most frequently used part of the end wall is made from slatted grating for all versions of the STADIUM. The rear base of the goal cage is divided into two parts to prevent vibration


Access to the pitch by end walls. Removable bars preventing bicycle access (L: 96 cm) closed by padlocks, to allow wheelchair access for disabled persons.

4 easy access points at each side of the pitch. Protection from access by 2-wheeled vehicles, 4 removable bars for disabled persons.


Anti-vibration system. All fixings are Nylstop stainless steel fastenings, protected by Sport&Co anti-vandalism caps made from PEHD rubber Ø 40mm, thickness 4mm, laminated and clamped.

Eliminates the risk of fastenings becoming loose. Prevents vandalism. Facilitates supervision. Absorbs vibrations and noise.


Basket ball hoop at a height of 3.05 m
Anti-corrosion structure: Plywood or HPL panel with “non-breakable” hoop, tested to 500 kg. Hercules anti-vandalism net made from polypropylene with a galvanised steel reinforced core.

Basket hoop area displaced 60 cm and protected by the top of the end walls. Reinforced net.


Regulation panels  in compact laminate cut in the mass.

Comply with standard NF S 52-901 for outdoor sports equipment.