The STADIUM Multisports facilities are suitable for many activities: football, handball, tennis, football-tennis, volley ball, field hockey, badminton, dodge ball, as well as many play and educational activities.
The variety and the quality of the equipment allow you to enjoy successful, innovative sports facilities.

Our design is based on an angled framework joined by four types of panel infills made of plastic, compact laminate, wood or metal. 3 standard sizes are offered: 295, 450 and 600 m2. These models are fitted as standard with a slatted grating at the base of the goal cage reinforced by a horizontal bar along the entire length of the goal, bars to prevent access to 2-wheeled vehicles, access for the disabled, reinforced basket-ball nets and 2 regulation panels.


Since each site is unique, we offer you the possibility of adapting this sports pitch to suit your surface constraints and the demands of your users.