This is a 2 year warranty covering faulty materials and manufacturing defects. This warranty takes effect from the date of manufacture and is limited to the supply, free of charge, of any part acknowledged to be defective. This exchange involves the return of the defective parts, the dismantling and transport of which shall be at the customer’s cost. In the case where the defective part is not returned 10 days from receipt of the replacement part, the replacement part shall be invoiced. This exchange in no way extends the duration of the warranty.
In addition to this 2 year warranty on the entire SYNCHRONICITY equipment range, the relevance of our product specifications and the rigour of our manufacturing processes make it possible for us to offer the following additional warranties:
15 YEARS against structural failure.
10 YEARS against corrosion of the galvanised steel metal frame.
10 YEARS for the supply of spare parts, including referenced parts no longer on the commercial market.
10 YEARS against rotting of the pine wood posts
5 YEARS against failure of the thermo-lacquering
5 YEARS against disintegration of the lacquered CP.
5 YEARS against UV ageing of the PEHD or HPL panels.
5 YEARS against wear and tear of the HERCULES single strand steel core reinforced with polypropylene fibre nets.
This warranty excludes:
– All defects, of any kind whatsoever, associated with an assembly fault or maintenance necessitated by the failure to comply with the manufacturer’s recommendations
– All defects, irrespective of their nature, associated with acts of vandalism, abnormal use of the facilities, normal wear and tear, the use of surfaces, in a manner which is not in conformity with the regulations applicable to Bikini & Bermuda et Sport & Co. brand-name products.
The company accepts no liability whatsoever for any accident linked directly or indirectly to the use of its equipment. No compensation may be claimed in this respect, in whatever capacity, including in respect of loss of enjoyment of the property or operating loss.