Our concept

Voluntarily playful

Bikini & Bermuda is the guarantee of playful spaces allowing children to express themselves through knowledge of their body and their environment.

Voluntarily sporty

Sport & Co is sport in freedom. Meeting places, relaxation and sports for children, adolescents and adults.


Play is vital for a child’s development. Through this activity, it is built by:

  • Discovery
  • Learning
  • Mastery
  • The challenge
  • The encounter
  • Failure
  • The gratitude
  • L’émulation
  • Or the dream …

We design equipment that offers complete answers to these needs. Synchronicity, creator and maker of children’s dreams, is “recognized as having fun”.

Synchronicity kid games


The regulations, defining the safety requirements relating to playground equipment and areas, impose constraints which provide the manager with legal certainty, and above all, guarantee enhanced safety for our children.

Plaque fabricant Norme EN1176 – 2017

Our motivation is also to adapt our offer to the general requirements of free access sports facilities. This is equipment for practicing one or more sports, access to the facilities of which is not regulated or necessarily supervised.


Our equipment complies with the regulations in force and in particular with articles L212-1 and L122-1 of the Consumer Code and their application decrees n ° 94-699 of August 10, 1994 and n ° 96-1136 of 18 December 1996.

European standards :

Our reference system is based on European standards: EN-1176-1 & following

To maintain the conformity of its sets, spare parts are tracked and Synchronicity does everything possible to simplify installation and maintenance according to the rules of the art.

Choosing Synchronicity means choosing compliance and simplicity in the service of child safety.


Take advantage of our many years of experience and our professionalism. Synchronicity specializes in manufacturing top quality products that are unique in their field. The design and choice of our materials meet rigorous specifications in each manufacturing step.
Our team, committed to a quality approach, is competent; we are here to meet your expectations.
We thus guarantee optimal longevity and simplified maintenance.

Kabane Tchanquée
Kabane Tchanquée in the Paris region