Our engagements

Synchronicity, corporate citizen.

This concept of a corporate citizen does not simply mean that we are developing production that is intentionally oriented towards an ethic of sustainable development by optimizing our means of production and using materials with a low ecological footprint.

Our commitment is also to open our company on its city by the permanent reception of interns and company visits, in particular of school groups.

Being a good corporate citizen implies valuing the human factor, both in the internal social dimension, as well as in all of our activities and our relations with our partners.

Our philosophy of creation and production propels us into an economic, civic and ecological dynamic.

The objective of this approach being to develop our cohesion thanks to a common long-term vision

Synchronicity, corporate citizen

Games for everyone

Our duty as a manufacturer is to provide that every child, whatever their level of ability, has a chance to develop to their full potential.

We have therefore chosen to transform the common term “ PMR games (people with reduced mobility)” by “ games for all ” = games intended for children regardless of their physical ability. or mental: mobility is not the only handicap.

We need to understand the complexity of disabilities and the importance of not focusing on specific groups such as people in wheelchairs when developing open access games.

Thus, we work so that our creations, as far as possible, are accessible to a greater number and not to a category of children. The priority must be the encouragement to come together through play in quality play environments .
This task is difficult, we must carry it out in collaboration with the managers of the playgrounds , parents, by sharing experiences and for the development of each.