A small public garden and a playground installed in the place of an abandoned communal street Saint-Pol-Roux, in Plouvien

At the request of residents who considered the Prat garden to be a little remote, the municipality of Plouvien has just rehabilitated a neglected municipal area and turned it into a small public garden. To do this, she commissioned the company Synchronicity, from Guidel (56), to install a few games for the little ones, at a cost of € 10,000. Before an inspection by a verification company, Jacques Lucas, deputy mayor, Serge Balcon, and technical manager, received Delphine Le Frapper, from the company Synchronicity, for the reception of the games on Tuesday. “Some minimal adjustments remain to be made,” said the deputy. The place also has a pétanque area, Press article published on 07/22/2021

From left to right: Jacques Lucas, Delphine Le Frapper and Serge Balcon, during the reception of the games, on this neglected man who will find a new life.