In Potigny, the rue de Prague playground will be ready for the holidays

The company Synchronicity based in Guidel in Morbihan installed the 7 structures on the rue de Prague playground.

“We have chosen games that are resistant over time and that are secure,” explains Jean-Yves Defenouillère, sports and culture assistant, in charge of the dossier. To enable this installation, the municipal workshop poured slabs of different surfaces. Excluding “municipal” development costs, the cost of the operation amounts to € 40,500 excluding taxes.

In order to secure any falls, under the structures will be placed “shock-absorbing coverings made with recycled tires”. All different, the games will benefit very young and pre-teens, under the responsibility of an adult.

Two swings for children with reduced mobility

“Two swings are equipped for children with reduced mobility,” explains Jean-Yves Defenouillère. “In addition to the signs explaining the instructions for use, general signage indicates the rules of good conduct to be applied”.

In addition to benches and “sit-stand” structures, the municipality will fit out the site with barriers and gates. In the near future, users will find a picnic and snack area.

According to the elected official, the playground will come into operation after the passage of the APAVE (body which verifies safety standards and authorizes commissioning). “Everything will be over for the holidays”.

Potigny playground

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